Elemental Empire

The Elemental Empire is a powerful force in the Stick War series. They first appear as a cameo in Stick War II: Order Empire. They are largely thought to be a fragile force, but they are powerful. They rely on nature for their weaponry.The Elementals were first imprisoned by the Chaos Empire, but they were … Read more

Chaos Empire

Chaos can be depicted as a “Dark Army”, highlighting necromancy, bent body parts and darker topics like self-destructive units, savage minions, and slave laborers. Chaos likewise has exceptional characteristics of its own, not normal for some other Empire. It is the main empire that has a spell equipped for killing a unit momentarily . Additionally, … Read more

Order Empire

It is said that Order’s army never sleeps, and this has been proven true for years. Order is an empire in the Stick War series. Typically playing the job of ‘peacekeeper’ inside the universe of Inamorta, the Order has battled multitudes of all sort, regardless of whether it uprisings angrily, or legendary creatures in a … Read more