Griffon the Great Explained

Griffon the Great, is the head of the Giants. He is more grounded than most Giants and units. His essential weapon is a lava Axe. You can get it with one thousand diamonds.

Griffon the Great is the ruler of No Man’s Land in Stick War: Legacy. Afterward, he could be purchased by the Player at the Shop as a spell to fill their needs in fight that can bargain monstrous harm.

His size and capacity in battle is practically identical to the Final Boss, however must be bought for 1 diamond This by itself consigns Griffon to the most significant of fights, like The Last Stand.

Regardless of whether they are tremendous and strong, in the possession of an unpracticed client, this monster has his cutoff points.


During the beginning phases of the game, Griffon resembled the Boss giant of Stick War 1.

The current Griffon the Great is like its old giant partner aside from it uses a magma club, wears a cover and has greater extents.


Club Swing
Griffon can crush his club unto his rivals, managing a ton of harm while doing as such.

The underside capacity of Griffon: he is fit for stepping his feet, causing a canyon that shocks and harms a unit in an orderly fashion, This capacity is imparted to the Boss Giant and a giant wearing a skin.

Dissimilar to different giants wearing a skin, Griffon can cause a tremor all alone.

Intersting facts

  • There is an endlessness opportunity of getting the Summon Griffon the Great spell in the shop.
  • This unit is the most costly spell in the game 1000 diamonds
  • Griffon can hit all adversary units all at once, causing more prominent knockback and stagger than standard Giants
  • Griffon can beat the last boss without anyone else if user controlled and accompanied by Archidons.
  • Griffon can beat the Kai Rider completely alone.
  • Is of the Chaos Spells Decks

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