Henry Stickmin Series Explained

Henry Stickmin is a progression of activity/satire/spoof point-and-snap film games made by PuffballsUnited.
The series follows the namesake character Henry Stickmin on his different and exceptionally hazardous undertakings. Initially getting going as a cheat attempting to burglarize a bank, he can later turn into a specialist of the Government collaborated with a pilot named Charles Calvin, an abundance tracker, the head of a Notorious Criminal Syndicate, or stay impartial as a Thief, either still a crook or acquitted. Henry can likewise wind up as a got away from detainee of the Toppat Clan, or he could take from them either without anyone else or with an accomplice named Ellie Rose. In these games, the player can pick the occasions and endings, because of the games working through point-and-snap design.

The series has two adaptations accessible; the legacy series and The Henry Stickmin Collection, the last option including remastered renditions of the first games and another game, Completing the Mission, which is the last game in the series.


The name character is Henry Stickmin is a quiet hero who begins his excursion by breaking into a bank, which leads him into a progression of limitless measures of difficulties. Characters in the series are stick figures, and that implies they have negligible body plan and dark lines rather than garments, however particular facial plan with long straight eyes that are remarkable to PuffballsUnited’s style.

Plot and development

Crossing the Pit
Crossing the Pit is a 2007 intelligent liveliness made by PuffballsUnited. While not formally a Henry Stickmin game, and it is excluded from The Henry Stickmin Collection (aside from similar eight choices showing up in a course in Completing the Mission), the liveliness fills in as a proof of idea for the games to follow. In Crossing the Pit, an anonymous stick figure endeavors to cross a pit, and is offered eight distinct techniques in which to do as such. The player associates with the liveliness by choosing a choice, and watching the subsequent movement. Dissimilar to the Henry Stickmin games, none of the choices bring about progress.

Breaking the Bank
Breaking the Bank is a 2008 point-and-snap experience game created by PuffballsUnited. In The Henry Stickmin Collection, it fills in as the game’s Prologue. Like Crossing the Pit, Henry Stickmin has just a single goal, breaking into the bank’s vault, and he is just presented with one series of choices. Dissimilar to Crossing the Pit in any case, there is a right choice, wherein Henry slips into an imitation cash pack and is thrown into the rear of a protected money transport vehicle and conveyed inside the vault. Inside, he gets away from the sack, however sets off a laser tripwire, getting found out.

On April 25, 2009, Breaking the Bank was highlighted on the Newgrounds landing page.

Escaping the Prison
Escaping the Prison is a 2010 point-and-snap experience game created by PuffballsUnited. In The Henry Stickmin Collection, it fills in as the game’s Episode 1. Dissimilar to the Breaking the Bank, the story is enormously extended, with various decisions in progression. This would turn into the series’ norm.

After the occasions of Breaking the Bank, Henry Stickmin is imprisoned and needs to get away. The game offers various expanding ways and endings with which to finish the game, yet each effective consummation brings about Henry’s break.

Stealing the Diamond
Stealing the Diamond is a 2011 point-and-snap experience game created by PuffballsUnited. In The Henry Stickmin Collection, it fills in as the game’s Episode 2. Like Breaking the Bank, Henry Stickmin chooses to ransack an exhibition hall with a huge diamond.

Infiltrating the Airship
Infiltrating the Airship is a 2013 point-and-snap experience game created by PuffballsUnited. In The Henry Stickmin Collection, it fills in as the game’s Episode 3. In the game, Henry Stickmin is drawn closer by the Government, a group that needs Henry to explore the Toppat Clan, a criminal association that works out of an enormous red airship, and find proof that will permit the Government to bring charges against them. In contrast to the past games, in Infiltrating the Airship, the player can choose to adjust Henry to the Government or the Toppat Clan (or neither).

Fleeing the Complex
Fleeing the Complex (adapted as Fleeing the COMPLĪ£X) is a 2015 point-and-snap experience game created by PuffballsUnited. In The Henry Stickmin Collection, it fills in as the game’s Episode 4. It continues in a similar improvement way as Infiltrating the Airship, conceding the player different choices and ways with which to get away from a greatest security dark site prison. The game presents the person Ellie Rose, who can show up in certain ways of Completing the Mission. The game offers Henry the choice to be protected by either the Government or the Toppat Clan, retroactively concluding which progression this game is set in. Assuming the player decides to ask the Toppat Clan for help, Henry will be double-crossed by Reginald Copperbottom, who Henry had recently dismissed, and dropped into the sea. On the off chance that the player decides to ask the Government for help, Henry will be gotten and conveyed to the wilderness, where the occasions of Completing the Mission are prodded.

Games Series List

Henry Stickmin series (2008-2020)

  • Breaking the Bank (2008)
  • Escaping the Prison (2009)
  • Stealing the Diamond (2011)
  • Infiltrating the Airship (2013)
  • Fleeing the Complex (2015)
  • Completing the Mission (2020)

The Henry Stickmin series is one of the most famous on Newgrounds, and has come to be known as a work of art. Each and every portion has been recorded on the site’s first page not long after discharge, from Escaping the Prison forward, have reliably settled on #1 on the Weekly Users’ Choice at the hour of delivery. Escaping the Prison and Fleeing the Complex were named first on Daily Features upon the arrival of delivery, while Stealing the Diamond and Infiltrating the Airship were named second and fourth for Daily Features, separately. Escaping the Prison is up until this point the most-played game in the series, with 3.2 million perspectives on Newgrounds, while Fleeing the Complex is the second-most elevated appraised game on the site. All portions delivered on Newgrounds (less Breaking the Bank) make the main twelve of the greatest appraised games on the site.

The series has additionally turned into a well known watcher magnet for content makers on YouTube. Markiplier’s playthrough of Fleeing the Complex has turned into his 6th most-seen video on his channel in general, with north of 50 million perspectives. Jacksepticeye, PopularMMOs, Thinknoodles and DanTDM’s recordings on the series have likewise amassed huge number of perspectives.