Combat Tournament Legends Explained

Combat Tournament Legends is a high-speed battling game, made, coordinated, and delivered on Stickpage in 2011 by Ongokiller50 (Dennes Tejada). Stone (Travis Steven) contributed to making the game this time, rather than everything being finished by Ongokiller50 like the past game. The two of them took the assignment of quickening things in the game like the playable characters, yet Stone did the designs for the game, which clarifies the different art style of the game contrasted with the past game. The game is typically viewed as a spin-off of the game “Combat Tournament”, which was made a year sooner in 2010, however as said by Ongokiller50, Combat Tournament Legends is truly only an improved and better form of the past game, this time being beta tried by others also.

Throughout the long term, it has continually filled in prominence, and 3 new characters were added (Andre, Yoyo, and Ninja). In the game, you are likewise ready to play as the more established characters, Home-Run-Bat, Mr. Slaptastic, and Double Range. The target of the game is to battle different contenders, progressing through the game while opening new levels and characters, with the characters being opened beginning at Double Range, Andre, Yoyo and Ninja, in a specific order.

The last two Legends are Crazy Jay (Mascot of Stickpage) and Mr. Red (The hero of Shock Series). They are elite characters that can be found and opened distinctly on the game’s form on Stickpage. The main two RHGs from FluidAnims who show up in the game are Andre and Yoyo.

The last Legends are Crazy Jay and Mr. Red. They are elite characters that can be found and opened distinctly on the game’s form on Stickpage. The main two RPGs from FluidAnims who show up in the game are Andre and Yoyo.


Battling the adversaries in this game is simpler and harder than it is in the principal game. Simpler in light of the fact that you presently exit out of launchstun, however harder in light of the fact that the A.I. does as such too. A few adversaries are more straightforward to battle than others.

Ordinary Bots
These bots can either not do steady combos, or can’t do unique moves. For certain characters, they endeavor to move to a specific place of the level. Anticipate: SwordUpURAss (Andre), Rice, SesameStreet, and so forth

Center Bots
Just utilized by Home-Run-Bats, these bots are changed Normal bots to make further developed combos. They can likewise perform exceptional assaults after side combos. Anticipate: BlueBox(Red) and redBox.

BlueBox Bots
These are changed Middle bots to add the strike combo. Likewise named because of CPUs named BlueBox being the only ones to utilize this. They likewise roll aimlessly. Likewise, assuming you’re hunching, they will hit you with an assault that will hit you out of it.

Follow Bots
These bots will act fairly like Middle bots, yet can consolidate combos and execute specials without doing a combo first. They may likewise follow a particular contender on the guide. Anticipate: Mr.ShaoDow – Grime, Rice (Yoyo), Balls, and so forth

Beast Bots
Just utilized by CPUs named BlackChicken in Hard Mode, these bots are difficult to counter as a fledgling. They can evade approaching assaults (remembering for the air, which could be an oversight), hunch, and hop set up to assault a foe that gets excessively near them.


Initial 4 Way Battle: Pretty straightforward, ought to have the option to beat without any problem. [Hard Mode: BlueBox is presently a Follow Bot.]

1V1 Blue Box: BlueBox is more troublesome in this game than the past game. Mr Slaptastic is suggested. [Hard Mode: He is presently a Follow Bot.]

6 Way Game: A Free-For-All fight. This level is somewhat challenging for a level this almost immediately. SwordUpURAss (Double Range) is your principle stress, as his extraordinary assault can kill various individuals rapidly, and his combos can hit different adversaries all at once. Your subsequent concern is Mr.ShaoDow – Grime (Ninja), as like SwordUpURAss (Double Range), his extraordinary assault can kill a many individuals, and he spams his side combos. Your third concern is Rice (Yoyo). He does quite harming combos yet his unique can be effectively evaded. Your fourth concern is SwordUpURAss (Andre). He generally remains in one spot in the guide and can’t do specials, however his assaults cause huge harm. Mr Slaptastic is prescribed to bring into this battle. [Hard Mode: SwordUpURAss (Andre) can do specials and won’t remain in one spot.]

Slappy Vs Hammy: This is a 2v2 situation. As Mr. Slaptastic, you are in the Slappy group with Balls, battling against the Hammy group, Rice and Beens. [Hard Mode: Rice is currently a Follow Bot, so help Balls at whatever point you can.]

All out War: Very simple; everybody is a Normal Bot and can’t do specials and stays in a single spot on the guide. Mr Red is prescribed because of his speed and how tremendous the guide is. [Hard Mode: Everyone is presently a Follow Bot. Zero in on DickSwett, Gesus, then, at that point, Oneball and SesameStreet.]

1V1 Tri-Head: Seems hard right away, yet you should simply continue to hit combos and avoid at whatever point it is essential. [Hard Mode: BlackChicken is currently a Monster Bot.]

2v2: Same situation as Slappy versus Hammy, with the exception of you can utilize anybody. Yoyo is energetically suggested for his adventure, however Mr. Slaptastic is a decent decision also. [Hard Mode: JackNDick is currently a Monster Bot, and OldDirtyBasterd is a Follow Bot.]

Tag Kill: Everyone has 1 HP. Twofold Range can dispose of the two adversaries without any problem. [Hard Mode: The Home-Run-Bat is presently a Monster Bot, and the Mr. Slaptastic is currently a Follow Bot.]

One Man Army: Everyone except you will have 1 HP, and everybody is a group against you. Utilize same technique as Tag Kill. [Hard Mode: Everyone is presently a Follow Bot.]

Can you see the enemys?: Enemies are to some degree stowed away, however the mission is still simple as they are Normal Bots. Mr Red is prescribed because of his speed and the endlessness of the guide. [Hard Mode: Mission is much more troublesome as they are presently Follow Bots.]

Elimination +2: You and your adversaries have 3 lives. When 0 lives it met, respawning is incapacitated for the warrior. Andre can’t kick the bucket from the spikes, so it is prescribed to utilize him here, however on the off chance that you don’t want to cheat, Home-Run-Bat is a decent decision here as well. [Hard Mode: There is no difference.]

Death Players: You should have a bigger number of kills than your adversaries and make due for 5 minutes. Yoyo/Crazy Jay is suggested. [Hard Mode: There is no difference.]

Death Players 2: Same contrivance, however presently a BlackChicken adversary is there. [Hard Mode: BlackChicken is presently a Monster Bot.]

Last Fight: Two BlackChicken rivals as a group are after you. Twofold Range is suggested. [Hard Mode: BlackChicken with a circle head and pink square eyes is currently a Monster Bot.]