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Game 1 : Stick War

Stick War is a game in the Stick War series. It is the principal game in the establishment, denoting the simple essentials of ongoing interaction and fundamental establishments for the st

Stick War is the primary game in the Stick War universe. It is the primary game in the establishment, denoting the simple essentials of interactivity and fundamental establishments for the story.
This game portrays the story of Inamorta and it’s occupying countries, as they battle for strength among a conflict hungry society. After consistent military provocation by its neighbors, one country, the Order Empire, makes a move by starting a retribution triumph, and no country will emerge from it solid.

Stages Stick War

The War Begins – The Order Empire begins their walk along Inamorta, conveying just two Miners across the way to the Country of Archidon. At long last arriving at their stop, fight initiates, and Order’s conquest begins. The Archidons country set up little resistance against the Order’s numbers, thus after their statue fell they ran straight for the hills, ready for vengeance. With their first objective destroyed, the Order continued on towards the Country of Swordwrath.
You Have Been Ambushed-During their walk to Swordwrath country, the Order is ambushed by a clan of Native spearmen. The attack lasted until sunset, yet the Order managed to hold them off and forged ahead with their trip.

Attack the Swordwrath – Reaching the domain of the Swordwrath, the Order acknowledged they were far outclassed when it came to weaponry. The Swordwrath conveyed sharp, genuinely competent crafts of steel, while the Order were still equipped with basic clubs. This implied for an all the more close-cut fight, yet by the end the Order still dominated the competition, and destroyed the Swordwrath’s statue. Just like the Archidonis, the leftover Swordwrath escaped, still hellbent on vengeance.

Attack the Spearton – Order soon arrived at the Spearton Empire. The Speartons were profoundly prepared infantry that used shields and throwable spears. Despite there weaponry, they were no counterpart for Order’s Swordwrath and Archidons,They fled to the Ice Hills
Swordwrath Counter-Some of the Swordwrath ambushed Order in hopes of recapturing their lost land and fizzled.

Attack the Magikill – Order walked to the Magikill Empire, the Magikill were strong wizards ready to summon minions and cause Explosions. Order crushed this multitude of wizards and they also ran for the hills

Free Pertland – An assembled defiance consisting of the Archidon and Swordwrath chose to assume control over the land of Pertland in response to losing their territories from previous encounters with the Order. Nonetheless, the Order was ready to destroy their forces at Pertland, freeing the populous from the resistance’s domineering guideline.

Free Westwind – In similar fashion to the events of Free Pertland, a unified insubordination of Spearton and Archidon went to guarantee the land of Westwind in counter to the Order a taking their home area a couple of battles previously. In any case, the Order was ready to destroy their forces at Westwind as well, by and by freeing the populous from the insubordination’s domineering principle. Without anyplace left to go, the hostile nations escaped to the Ice Hills. Order’s excursion to follow them was substantially more confounded notwithstanding.

No Man’s Land – First, Order was stopped in No Man’s Land, a wasteland administered by the enormous natives, the Giants. Despite being strong, the Giants were brought down, and Order caught many to use for themselves. Order continued prior to bring ambushed by natives who used clubs like Order used previously. They were in any case, easily disposed of.

Ice Hills – Order’s walk ultimately arrived at the Ice Hills, where every one of the hostile nations they vanquished framed together to fight them. Through strategy and power, Order managed to overcome the unified power. With nowhere left to go, they escaped to the desert.

Desert – With the main warriors of the hostile nations left cornered, reflecting how Order was cornered by them before the conquest started, the faithfulness of hostiles gave all that they had against the Order Empire, as they in a real sense had nothing else to lose to them. They were killed, yet passed on Order to manage the last weapon.
A colossal Giant was frozen into a statue, and when Order guaranteed triumph, it was released upon them. The Giant stomped all around the Order Empire’s forces, yet through persistence, Order managed to kill the beast and guarantee Inamorta as their land.

Game 2 : Stick War II: Order Empire

Stick War II: Order Empire is a passage game in the Stick War universe. It is the third (however canonically second) game in the franchise, refining, and expanding upon its predecessor.
This game depicts the successful Order and their walk through Inamorta, precluding the renegade empires that keep on disobeying their country. Be that as it may, in the quest, a mischievous woman and her empire rise to challenge the Order Empire, and the country of knowledge and harmony will be compelled to join with his enemies to survive.

Game 3 : Stick Empires

Stick Empires was the third passage in the Stick War universe. It added a multiplayer to the base Stick War II: Order Empire equation.
In the game, two chosen empires out of the accessible three were tossed into a hard and fast multiplayer fight. One of them was another empire presented in the end credits of Stick War II: Order Empire and polished solely for this game.

Dissimilar to the other entries that rotate around a focal story, Stick Empires was played round-by-round against genuine players and needed substantial story elements.


  • Play for free in seconds with any web browser using Flash player with no downloads or annoying installs.
  • 3 Empires: Order Empire, Chaos Empire and Elemental Empire with 9 unit types in each.
  • 54 Abilities and Technologies to unlock in game.
  • Full in game Chat system with ability to match up against your friends.
  • Hundreds of fully animated sprites and amazing digitally painted art throughout creating truly epic battles.
  • Massive armory with ability to customize each of your units.
  • Classic match and Death match modes vs other players.
  • Custom, Campaign, and Practice mode for offline play .
  • Watch live or past replays in the Live Replays theater.

Game 4 : Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is a blend of new highlights and illustrations that add to the center ongoing interaction of the first Stick War. One of the fundamental attracts to the game is the improved clean contrasted with that of the 2009 emphasis, because of the precarious expansion in accessible innovation and a superior imaginative bearing as a component of the advancement of the game series since its introduction. Generally, the main augmentations to the game from the first are Gems, Skins, and Spells, which are saved to that adaptation of the game regardless save document the Player utilizes in the Campaign. Diamonds can be bought on the menu tab ‘Jewels’ for genuine cash in USD, while Skins and Spells can be purchased for pearls in the ‘Skins’ and ‘Shop’ tab individually.

Game 5 : Stick War 3

Stick War III, is a forthcoming multiplayer game in the Stick War series.
A forthcoming port of the hit constant strategy game Stick Empires into IOS and Android.
Here is a basic summary of the data there:
They have started early work on it and are certain with a multiplayer motor setup of 40 vs. 40 unit battles with individual unit control.
Individual unit control will be similar to Stick War and Stick War: Legacy’s, separating from Stick Empires.
They are considering the possibility of various players in the same boat, for example 2 vs. 2 matches. They are envisioning that the essential player will be responsible for managing the economy and building units. Any extra players would be “side-kicks”; they will be controlling individual units. “Side-kicks” might be rewarded or given a bonus in the game for doing this.
The game will be delivered in 3D, yet the sprites for the stickmen will be 2D. This approach is anticipated to further develop camera effects as you move past the military, otherwise known as the Parallax Effect.