Elemental Empire

The Elemental Empire is a powerful force in the Stick War series. They first appear as a cameo in Stick War II: Order Empire. They are largely thought to be a fragile force, but they are powerful. They rely on nature for their weaponry.The Elementals were first imprisoned by the Chaos Empire, but they were free after Medusa was killed. They then fought their own battles against any empire that stood in their way.



The Elemental Empire’s fundamental skirmish unit. Earth gets going in a humanoid structure, with a dark body and straightforward head with an external dark and internal earthy colored blueprint. Inside its head are three, little, drifting rocks.This unit’s assault speed is slow, however are outstandingly ready to paralyze with practically no exploration and at little expense. The Earth Elemental costs 150 gold and requires 4 seconds to complete the process of preparing. One unit takes up two populace.
Earth can change into the Elementals’ economy unit, the Chompler.


The Chompler is the financial unit for the Elemental Empire. Not at all like different empires, it isn’t prepared. All things being equal, the Chompler is the alternative type of the Earth Element. It requires approximately 5 seconds for an Earth Element to transform into this specialist.
Like different empires, the Chompler serves as the financial spine. It supplies most of assets expected to keep up with the Empire’s military. The Chompler can’t fabricate structures, separating from its partners’ capacities to construct the Miner Wall and Miner Tower.
The Chompler’s wellbeing and speed can be improved by investigating the Miner Hustle innovation from the Elementals’ Gold Keep.


The Elemental Empire’s fundamental help, scout, and healer unit. Water gets going in a humanoid structure, with a dark body and straightforward head with an external dark and internal light blue blueprint. A pool of water continually influences in its mind.

This unit surges at an adversary unit and transforms into ice to freeze the foe. It will possibly thaw when the Elemental or the unit it has frozen kicks the bucket, or on the other hand on the off chance that the Elemental is requested to do as such via orders like Garrison and Hold. The Water Elemental costs 350 gold and requires 12 seconds to complete the process of preparing. One unit takes up two populace.
Water can likewise self-destructively detonate, recuperating all close by well disposed units and relieving them of any DoT.


The Elemental Empire’s fundamental aeronautical went unit. The air unit gets going in a humanoid structure, with a dark body and straightforward head with an external dark and internal cyan framework. Lightning is available in its mind and changes tones from white to cyan, to dull blue, and reverse.
This unit can focus on any adversary inside its reach, even units behind others, taking into consideration destructive exactness. It applauds and cuts down strong lightning strikes, however its assault speed is fundamentally more slow than most other went units. The Air Elemental costs 400 gold and requires 20 seconds to complete the process of preparing. One unit takes up three populace.
Notwithstanding its precision, this Elemental generally has a three-second retargeting speed. This fundamentally hoses its capacity to kite, leaving the Air Elemental vulnerable. The long retargeting velocity can be avoided by focusing on the adversary unit before the Air begins its assault liveliness, in spite of the fact that it’s just conceivable for the principal assault.


The Elemental Empire’s fundamental ground went unit. Fire gets going in a humanoid structure, with a dark body and straightforward head with an external dark and internal red framework. A controlled fire is illuminated in its mind.
On the combat zone, the unit is marginally slouched, with a fireball in its grasp. It assaults its adversaries by sending off its fireballs and applying the consume DoT. The Fire Elemental costs 450 gold and requires 16 seconds to complete the process of preparing. One unit takes up three populace.
This unit bargains minimal in harm, fundamentally depending on its consume DoT to kill off adversaries. Fire works most like a toxophilite, with the capacity to kite.

Advanced Units

The four fundamental Elemental units can consolidate to frame all the more impressive and advanced units. Five of the blends cost 100 mana, though two of them cost 0 mana. None of the blends cost gold. Orders, for example, Hold stop the blend interaction. Blends additionally fix DoT. The advanced unit’s wellbeing relies upon the fundamental units’ wellbeing average.


The Elemental Empire’s advanced tank unit with nine bars of wellbeing, an astounding number in contrast with different units with a similar job. The Charrog is different for it accompanies capacities without the requirement for research. It can consume different adversaries utilizing the Radiant Heat capacity and can get away, or bounce and paralyze with the Burrow/Unburrow capacity.
On the off chance that pre-owned well, the Charrog can without much of a stretch unleash havoc with its battle ability. The Charrog is shaped by a blend of the Earth and Fire Elementals, costing 100 mana to consolidate and 600 gold altogether.


The Elemental Empire’s advanced aeronautical unit that goes about as a help unit also. Not at all like other aeronautical units, the Cycloid uses skirmish assaults, differentiating the went bolts of the Albowtross and Eclipsor units. It gets going with the capacity Protect which projects a protective, however impermanent safeguard over any well disposed unit-even itself-that diminishes the harm managed. Upon research, it can likewise paralyze different units via a Tornado attack.The Cycloid can often change the tides by safeguarding your vulnerable spellcasters and adding additional protection to your tanky units. Its Tornado assault is additionally valuable against most adversaries. The Cycloid is framed by a blend of the Air and Water Elementals, costing 100 mana to consolidate and 750 gold altogether.


The Elemental Empire’s advanced offensive spellcaster. Every step of the way, the Infernos can gather a flaring mythical serpent called Vastolis, which ascends starting from the earliest stage, and harms different adversaries in a space. Its Fire Rain spell additionally gives a few harm however most outstandingly, applies the consume DoT. Fire Rain can be moved up to turn into a Meteor Shower for substantially more critical harm.
The Infernos is a balanced spellcaster that keeps an extraordinary harmony among DoT and overall harm, a wise investment at its cost. Infernos is framed by a blend of the Air and Fire Elementals, costing 100 mana to consolidate and 850 gold altogether.


The Elemental Empire’s advanced heavy spellcaster that additionally serves as an area-control and protection unit. The Treature can gather Scorplings, animals suggestive of the Minion units in Stick War and Stick War: Legacy, to safeguard itself. However, this capacity leaves the unit stationary, in spite of the fact that it can in any case utilize spells like the Death Blossom, which depletes the wellbeing of adversaries and paralyzes them via a spike root.


The Elemental Empire’s definitive unit. V gets going with two spells, Flash and Possess. Utilizing Flash permits V to rapidly magically transport to an area inside its reach. In the mean time, Possess allows V to assume responsibility for one adversary unit, however is made stationary and can’t assault all alone while controlling the unit. When investigated, the innovation Clone Level 1 can make two controllable clones of V. The duplicates aren’t unreasonably extreme or solid, however can be moved up to Level 2 which expands those boundaries, albeit individually, they are as yet not generally so solid as the first. Every one of V’s capacities save for Flash expense 50 mana.
The actual V can bargain very high harm, killing a toxophilite in 2 hits. This, combined with its one of a kind and strong capacities, makes V a considerable adversary in fight. The V is framed by a blends of all fundamental Elemental units, costing 100 mana and 1,450 gold altogether.


The Elemental Empire’s offensive incidental AOE spell. Scorch is the blend of the Water and Fire Elementals, costing 0 mana and 800 gold. Upon development, the consolidated Elementals detonate, harming and staggering different units without a moment’s delay. It additionally incurs consume harm and a very high knockback effect.Scorch for the most part turns out to be less effective as the match advances.

Blind Gate

The Elemental Empire’s supportive incidental spell. Blind Gate is the blend of the Earth and Air Elementals, costing 0 mana and 550 gold. Upon development, the consolidated Elementals vanish, raising two tree trunks at the area of their crossing point. Associating these trunks is a blue cloudiness, practically holographic. However, more significantly, these tree trunks become the limits of the adversary’s Fog of War.
Blind Gate can be a very effective instrument against genuine players, equipped for surprising them. Do take note of that once the Elementals vanish, they, when all is said and done, at this point not light up your Fog of War.