Chaos Empire

Chaos can be depicted as a “Dark Army”, highlighting necromancy, bent body parts and darker topics like self-destructive units, savage minions, and slave laborers.

Chaos likewise has exceptional characteristics of its own, not normal for some other Empire. It is the main empire that has a spell equipped for killing a unit momentarily . Additionally, it is the main empire to have inactive recovery of wellbeing and latent mending of toxic substance over all units – implying further at their unnatural and dark side.

Chaos is the partner to Order, as both component nine units split into similar classes on the UI, with every unit having its own comparing partner – one monetary unit, three tight situation battle units, two ran units, two spellcasters and one Giant unit each.

Units of Order Empire

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The (enslaved) Miner

The (enslaved) Miner goes about as the financial spine of Chaos, providing assets to make the army and keep up with it. The Miner can likewise satisfy a protective job by building Miner Towers, guarded turrets that fire shots at assailants. Be that as it may, as far as battle the Enslaved Miner – like its Order partner – needs protective layer and has an exceptionally low assault power in its abandoned scuffle strikes.


The Crawler goes about as an early-game unit for Chaos, as well similar to a wellspring of provocation against the adversary army. It has rapid which can be intensified with Predatory Edge. With ‘Ruthless Edge’, it becomes one of a handful of the units that can assault while moving.
Crawlers are mostly utilized in packs and can be an extraordinary badgering bunch. Whenever Crawlers get the Pack Mentality update, they get expanded harm yield in light of how much crawlers on the combat zone which can stack multiple times.
However the Crawler needs protective layer, it compensates for it with speed and fair harm, utilizing quick in and out assaults to pressure the rival.


The Deads go about as a went/support unit. At the point when overhauled, its gone assaults cause Poison, with the capability of causing a lot of harm after some time. Their guts cause expanded harm to shielded units. They additionally showed up in Stick War: Legacy in the gamemode “Vast Deads”.
The Deads are viewed as protected by the game, despite the fact that their low-speed and wellbeing are inadmissible for a successful failing job, and the way that the Deads are decaying which is actually expected to make them more fragile.


The Marrowkai goes about as a hostile/support spellcaster. It has 2 spells: Reaper, which can briefly bait out and harm key adversary units, and Hells Fists which is another spell which can cause mass AoE harm in an orderly fashion (the main spell that can match electric divider/impact)
The Marrowkai needs protective layer, wellbeing and speed. Nonetheless, its high harm abilities repays this and makes it a significant unit. To this end it is essential to have great insurance and dispersing between the foe units and the Marrowkai.


Medusa goes about as a help spellcaster for Chaos, despite the fact that she can’t mend different units. She can right away kill infantry units from a significant distance by means of ‘Freeze’. She can likewise go about as an area disavowal unit by splashing poison over an enormous region on the combat zone, constraining rivals to either step back or take weighty harm from poison. This gives the player’s army a benefit over the adversary.
Likewise with all spellcasters, Medusa is slight, however her strong help capacities make her a significant unit to have.She is viewed as a “Expert of Poison”


The Juggerknight goes about as the hostile tank unit of Chaos. It has respectable speed, great wellbeing limit, and harm capacities.
The Juggerknight can start fight with a Charge that makes them briefly speed up and Stun any foe unit in their manner
Being a unit with an extraordinary failing job and hostile ability, Juggerknights show up in practically any match including Chaos.


The Bomber is a self-destructive unit, which can run straight up to foes and explode upon contact, managing huge AoE harm. The unit is likewise killed all the while.
The Bomber has fast however the most minimal wellbeing in the game. Anyway it has enormous harm and provocation potential, being extraordinary at taking out low wellbeing units (for example Miners, Swordwrath, Archidons) and harming the rival’s economy.
It can likewise be Manually exploded and this explosion can assault flying units,thereby making it urgent to battle Airs.


The Eclipsor goes about as a quick, flying went unit. It is airborne, so just ran units and spells,giants, and Cycloid can assault it. Nonetheless, it needs defensive layer, making it more defenseless to assaults contrasted with the Albowtross. It compensates for this with speed and reach.
With amazing harm result and trouble in countering these units, Eclipsors are truly attractive in the late-game for Chaos.

Chaos Giant

The Giant goes about as a hostile Heavy tank unit in Chaos. It is very sluggish, however is the most tough unit in the entire game (other than the sculpture) and can paralyze numerous units with its solid assault. Nonetheless, it is very expensive and is not difficult to dwarf, in the event that not utilized accurately in specific conditions. In the possession of players who know ways of taking advantage of the force of a Giant, it tends to be decimating in matches late-game.