Order Empire

It is said that Order’s army never sleeps, and this has been proven true for years. Order is an empire in the Stick War series. Typically playing the job of ‘peacekeeper’ inside the universe of Inamorta, the Order has battled multitudes of all sort, regardless of whether it uprisings angrily, or legendary creatures in a land far from their own.
When the ‘Way of Peace and Knowledge’ was brought, the other different nations developed threatening to each other. Order didn’t have other option to settle and lead the peace , The Order starts a success held all through lower Inamorta to dispose of their forceful and antagonistic rivalry. Order become the first nation to conquer all other nations.

Units of Order empire

UnitsGold costMana costHealthPopulation
Swordrawth 1250181
Shadowrath450504 Bars1
Archidon30001 Bar2
Albowtross4501502 Bars4
Meric3002003 Bars3
Magikill5005003 Bars5
Enslaved Giant1500020 bars7
Order Empire Units


The Swordwrath goes about as an early-game unit for Order, but with Rage and appropriate insurance, Swordwrath can be a powerful mid-game unit. Be that as it may, without security the Swordwrath bombs pitiably in the mid-late game because of an absence of protection, notwithstanding the Swordwrath’s high harm potential.


The Archidon goes about as a long-range unit all together. It has probably the longest reach in the game and can cause monstrous harm through kiting to followers. Its capacity, Fire Arrows, additionally permits gatherings of Archidons to fire volleys of consuming bolts at adversaries. This makes it an ideal contender for provocation unit.


The Meric goes about as an Order support spellcaster. It can mend lost wellbeing and fix poison once redesigned. Notwithstanding, the Meric has low speed and needs covering, so it can’t actually shield itself against assaults from other battle units. Merics are along these lines best utilized where it is exceptionally safeguarded, as the defensive units offer protection for the Merics permitting them to recuperate those with lower wellbeing. Merics will naturally target and recuperate the unit with the least wellbeing/harmed unit.


The Magkill goes about as the primary Order spellcaster. It has 4 spells: 3 in Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires and 2 in Stick War :Legacy and Stick War 1 (Blast being the primary spell and follower gather being the subsequent spell). Its harming potential is one of the greatest.


The Spearton goes about as the guarded tank unit of Order. Its strength can be expanded with Shield Wall and can in a real sense stop adversaries in their methodology with Shield Bash. Because of its incredible self-protective potential, high rates, and harm, it is an extremely flexible and strong unit. Its utilization is energetically suggested for offense and protection.


The Shadowrath goes about as the professional killer of Order. It is perhaps the quickest unit in the game, can stay away from assaults and spells and sneak past foes to in a flash kill key units with Shinobi . It additionally has extraordinary harm potential with its inactive capacity Fixate, which builds harm with each assault up to five assaults. Nonetheless, because of its absence of defensive layer and need of miniature to expand the power from Fixate, Shadowrath are seldom utilized as cutting edge units.


The Albowtross satisfies the job of airborne help and hostile to reinforcement unit all together. It has a more limited reach than the Archidon, yet sports more harm potential with the update Blazing Bolts, which builds harm for all Albowtrosss assaults, as well as increasing harm done to defensive layer. After the update in 1.89, the redesign can consume adversaries too, which is exceptionally valuable, however this additionally forfeited a ton of harm managed.

Enslaved Order Giant

Giants caught from tumult and set under shackles to work for you. The Enslaved Giant goes about as the significant tank all together. It has the second most noteworthy wellbeing of all units in the game, as well as being reinforced, making it truly tough. It is likewise huge, and that implies it can impede shots focused on air units. This makes it viable at safeguarding air and ground units the same. It likewise has a genuinely high harming assault that can shock units.